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A garden redo.

Hello Lovelies,  it`s been a while. And today I want to show you, what I´ve been up to.
I am revamping my garden,  my messy garden, I don`t really have all before photos, but some. But many progress photos though.
I thought I`ll do this one room challenge but for the garden. Keep in mind this is not the the finished product and nothing is really in bloom at the moment here, so the garden don`t look great at the moment.
It does not look perfect but so much better still. :)
Here we go...

The front entrance. Here I had some succulents and weeds all over tis bit. Now "Alexander" the Oleander :) Yes I named him. And put some weed protection felt under the bark mulch. Hope this really will keep the weeds away. 😓
And a little planter with some flowers I saved from the dirt around.

And we move on

The branch up top is a grape vine and they will thrive this year, looking good already. The branches on the ground are hydrangeas. And will be in bloom soon. I like them green bushes thou…

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