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Janframed is over!

Hello my Luvs! #janframed, a challenge,  to paint a small painting everyday,  I created for my self is over now.  Obviously in January like the name states. In the last post I showed you the paintings from the 14th till the 28th of January. And today the last three ones.
So here we go the last ones.
On January the 29 I painted this little pug.

A fluffy, furry little pup! ;)
On the January the 30st these little Birds were my subjects of choice. :)

And on the last day of January and obviously #janframed I did this bright red succulent...

This challenge was not about perfection, but simply to paint an small one, preferably framed painting every day for the 31 days of January.
Which I completed successfully. :)
Have a nice Sunday my Lovelies. And I would love to read your opinion on this challenge.:)

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